New Student Registration

Class Preparations


It is an pleasure to have you practice with us.  Please review our class preparations below so you have an enjoyable first class experience, and many to follow.

1. Always be on time -
It is best to arrive 15 minutes early. New students will need to complete their payment & waiver form prior to participation.

2. Be informative -
Inform your instructor before class begins about any ailments you may be caring for.

3. Come to class on an empty stomach -
Depending on your body, some students need more or less time for digestion. We recommend not consuming large meals 2-3 hours before class. Something light, like a fruit may work for your body. But because we all digest differently, you will need to see what works best for you.

4. Wear lightweight, breathable fabrics -

You will feel your best in clothing that can easily wick away your sweat.  Avoid cotton if possible.
No shoes are needed or allowed in practice room.Bring a yoga mat and a towel to place over your yoga mat to catch your sweat. We also recommend you bring an extra towel for your face and hands. We offer yoga mat and towel rentals at $5.00 each if you do not have these items.

5. Hydration -

Make sure you have water throughout your day before you practice, and remember to drink plenty of water after your practice to continue hydration.                                          
Bring a large, insulated water bottle to every class visit. We suggest
filling your bottle with cold water/ice that will keep you hydrated and comfortable throughout your experience.

6. Studio etiquette -
We ask that you  remain in studio the entire class to allow for a full experience and for your body to adjusted to the heated environment.  Feel free to take a break whenever you feel necessary by laying down or sitting quietly on your mat.  The floor is the coolest place to restore, calm the mind and body if you are feeling an overwhelming feeling form the environment.  If for any reason you must leave early please let the instructor know before class so they can assist you with the least disruption as possible.


Client-First official starter project

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